Meat Pies and Victoria Bitter

I am back from lovely Australia, what a trip. I have some pictures to post, but left my camera with a friend, so will have to do that later. Some quick observations about the trip:

  • Australia has lots of meat pies
  • Meat pies tastes delicious, our favorite meal was a Guinness and steak meat pie
  • Nobody drinks Fosters, in fact, you can’t even buy it in Sydney. VB (Victoria Bitter) is the beer of choice, and wow, is it great.
  • The cordial attitude of the residents, and customer service people in general, shocked us, since surliness seemse to reign supreme in the U.S.
  • 85 degrees and sunny makes life more fun that 10 degrees and cloudy
  • The only pickles I saw came on some weird fish spread we had one night, definitely a bit strange

In other news, our migration to Ruby on Rails continues. Now that I am back and am done with the wedding, we should be able to make more progress. Good things to come!

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