A belated resolution

Yesterday co-worker Emeli introduced me to a very funny blog about a woman and her family. It’s mostly about this woman’s kid, actually. The only post I read described a typical trip to grandma and grandpa’s house for the little one and dog while mommy and daddy were out of town. The scenario doesn’t scream “comedic genius”, but as soon as I read the line about scratching Chuck (the dog) behind the ears with a pork chop, I was sufficiently envious of this woman’s obvious creativity, enough to resolve that the POTM blog will hereby improve both its frequency (more than once every 4-7 days) and its content (cranking up the funny quotient and the businessy stuff).

Doug will no doubt agree with this plan, and it is my sincere hope neither he nor Mandy comes back from their honeymoon with a faux Aussie accent, a la Gwyneth getting all fake British at the Golden Globes. Why is that even necessary? The only thing less cool might be the show Dancing With The Stars. I mean, I’m all for ridiculous scripted reality tv shows and the exploitation C-list “celebrities”, but watching Jerry Rice salsa/ballroom dance, badly, for 10 minutes is 10 minutes of my life poorly spent. I’d insert a humilitating picture to illustrate the awfulness, but stupid Blogger.com must hate this show as much as I do because it won’t let me.

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