Frozen pickle pops? Seriously?

I got a call at work the other day from someone who had run across the Pickle of the Month blog (of course she thought it was a great idea), and told me about FROZEN PICKLE POPS, made from pickle juice. Seriously. Here’s the link to the website – Bob’s Pickle Pops. What a fantastic idea! I hope Bob does well with his frozen pickle pops. Maybe if these had been around when we started Pickle of the Month, we’d have made the big time.

In other random news, I am helping the company I work for develop a generic domain we own – We’ll be initially focusing on helping people find a moving truck, figure out which moving truck rental is the best, evaluate movers, and find cheap moving boxes. We’ve also thought about having reviews on moving trucks and companies, and having people post their funny/horrendous moving stories. Stay tuned! Right now it’s just a placeholder site, but big things are on the way.  UPDATE:   I now own a site that helps consumers find local movers, like Chicago movers or Orlando movers, and gives moving companies free moving leads.

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2 Responses to Frozen pickle pops? Seriously?

  1. Harris Tours says:

    Thanks for the Post

  2. David Millar says:

    Hello Doug, thanks for the post. Interesting your blog came up number four in Google with the keywords "pickle pop". Nice work.

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