The Root of All Evil: Flat Light

Riding the train this morning, shared a car with an immaculately dressed old guy who obviously enjoyed being out and about this Thursday morning far more than the rest of us. When the automated announcement said, “Caution: the doors are about to close” Spry Old Guy answered conversationally, “OK, alright, go ahead and close ’em then.” Now he’s chatting up the conductor. He says hi to every other person that walks past. The over-under for this guy is a solid 83 years old, but it’s obvious he loves his routine. Guess we all grow into things eventually, as much as we think we won’t.

Let’s switch gears and talk briefly about the Olympics. Anyone who caught 5 minutes of the women’s downhill finals was treated to a gutsy post-crash performance by Lindsey Kildow and at least 12 mentions of the “flat light” conditions on the course. Honestly, they made this flat light phenomenon (diabolically caused anytime it’s cloudy outside) sound responsible for every mistake or nuance of every racer. At one point the announcers deftly tied it to the JFK assassination as well as the Enron collapse, and I’m sure as hell blaming any future speeding tickets, marital misunderstandings, and failed business ventures on the evils of flat light.

Got some pickles to pack tonight. I just pray the flat light conditions in our basement won’t cause too many issues…

Can you believe this flat light??? Incredible!

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