Train Hell

This is the most difficult blog entry I’ve ever had to write. That’s because it’s 7:45 AM, I have zero coffee, and my laptop won’t boot up so I’m forced to write this out on a legal pad. The horror…the horror…

Tshirt orders went in last week and I got a couple emails from customink (the screen printers) yesterday; one asking for confirmation of my design layout, the other requesting I call and answer some questions their “designers” had prior to printing Doug’s shirt. This is their way of saying they like mine better. I like that they emailed though – very reassuring to know that someone who actually knows what they’re doing is giving this the once over before throwing it on a shirt. If we ever build in POTM features requiring detailed customer decisions, I’d like them to feel equally reassured they won’t F something up in the process.

No more blogging for today… hand cramping… stupid pen and paper….

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