Don’t Hate Little Pepe

Comments trickled in over the last couple of weeks that people didn’t appreciate the Little Pepe pickle as much as his pickle brothers.


Why hate Little Pepe I ask? Just because he’s a bit smaller, and a bit spicier, does not mean he doesn’t try just as hard to be a great pickle. Maybe the fault lies not in the pickle, but in the pickle preparation?

I thought that very thing Monday night as I bit into Mr. Little Pepe, and then the idea struck. Why not include this little spicy number in one of my favorite foods – turkey burgers! Without further ado, I happily present Pickle of the Month’s very first pickle recipe!

Little Pepe Spicy Turkey Burgers


  1. One package ground turkey
  2. 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  3. 1/3 cup red onion, finely chopped
  4. 8 shakes of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
  5. 1/2 Litte Pepe, finely chopped


  1. Mix ingredients together in bowl
  2. Form delicious turkey burger patties
  3. Take a swig of the beer you’re drinking (you should be drinking, you’re making pickle burgers for goodness sake)
  4. Grill delicious turkey burger patties
  5. Enjoy! I like to have mine with ketchup and mustard, some enjoy barbecue sauce.
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The Greatest St. Patty’s Day Shirt Ever

As Mike mentioned in his previous post, our green “What a Stupid Idea” t-shirt made for one great St. Patty’s day shirt! Check out Megan sporting this beauty. Thanks for supporting us Meg!


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Irish Pickles

This is a big week for redheads and pickle lovers: St. Patrick’s Day of course! We got things started early as usual here in Chicago, with a raucous celebration at the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday morning. Good weather (aka above freezing and not raining) just about quadruples the fun factor of this event, and when your friend Mike offers up a huge parking lot, plentiful indoor bathrooms, and hand-wrapped corned beef sandwiches for all, it’s impossible not to have fun. Unless of course you’re the uninvited punk he body-tossed out the back door.

For the first time in 5 years, I didn’t have to drive myself home, so needless to say this was my favorite parade in recent memory. Heck, I even got sunburned, which is hard to imagine given my carribean bronze irish skintone. You best believe I prominently wore an emerald green “Stupid Idea” tshirt the entire time, even if it meant drinking my beer through chattering teeth. Always Be Closing, that’s our motto! Oh wait, maybe that’s Alec Baldwin’s motto. Anyway, between my shameless advertising and Doug’s sister-in-law Megan’s proud patronage, we’ll surely double the website hits after this week.

Some photos from the big event…

The man next to me is a former Div. 1 athelete (granted, it was swimming)

Obviously some sort of South Side gang symbol

Nothing says St. Patricks day like a huge furry green cowboy hat and three not-so-sober friends

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Google enters word processing

This post has little to do with pickles, but it’ll grab your interest if you’re a geek anyway. Google bought Writely yesterday, launching a full frontal attack on Microsoft.

Writely is a very cool online word processor, that lets one, or many, people crank out word docs with no problem. We’ve used it a bit here at Pickle of the Month to work on our website copy together.

If this battle were in the old WWF, would Microsoft be the Andre the Giant and Google Jimmy Supefly Snuka?

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Belated Shout-Out

I want to throw a belated shout out to Kerstin Furneisen, our wonderful designer who came up with the POTM logo. It seems we never actually told her we ended up using her logo (a big oops! on our part). If you ‘d like to have Kerstin design some stuff for you, you can email her at She does great work.

Here’s a fun note for the weekend – if you happend to be swilling green beers in Chicago this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for a “What a Stupid Idea” POTM shirt. Our good friend Megan volunteered to wear it for a little publicity on St. Patties day. Thanks Megan!

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And that’s why you never Copy-Paste

If you’ve ever done any sort of programming or word processing, you know the seductive power of the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V key combinations. All these words copied and pasted so quickly! This is more efficient than the ESPN Plays of the Week! I remember learning of this wondrous key combo in my first 2 weeks of training at Accenture. Teammate Jen from Manila was writing code at a ridiculous speed as I looked over her shoulder, and that’s when she told me. Why write your own words when someone else has already done it better!

Well, it came back to bite me here at POTM. Seems in writing my SQL queries to pull back recurring orders, I copied and pasted the date ranges for the orders I was seeking, and neglected to update the year in the process (thank you customer Mike for pointing it out late last week). Not a big deal, until you start getting to orders placed after January 1. When I first realized the gaffe, I was admittedly quite nervous. After some calm investigation, turns out the number of affected accounts was relatively small, with a small number of customers missing their February pickles. I packaged those additional orders today and will ship them tomorrow AM along with a note explaining the gaffe.

The moral of the story is, Copy-Paste can be a potent tool, but one that must be used with the utmost vigilance. Much like dijon mustard.

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And the band played on

We received this email from our college friend Adam, and felt obligated to share:

“I just wanted to give you all warning at that after a heavy advertising rotation at Mardi Gras ’06, may experience some heavy web traffic over the next few weeks. Everyone at the yearly festival wanted to know why I would have such a silly (and well fitting – thanks Mike for your foresight) T-shirt on. I told each and every one of them to check out and order their loved one the perfect gift. I told them how tasty the Big Papa was and how much I look forward to Lil’ Pepe. As you can see, the gentleman behind your newest billboard cannot wait to get his first pickle in the mail.

Thanks, you just made me the hit of Mardi Gras.”

Couple thoughts came to mind upon seeing the picture. First, I think this was Mardi Gras in St. Louis, not New Orleans as it looks a bit chilly for the Gulf Coast (not that anyone could tell by the time this was taken). Second, both gentlemen NOT wearing POTM shirts freaked us out considerably and we’d prefer if Adam you don’t let them borrow your POTM shirt anytime soon (at least not while they’re drinking heavily). Thirdly, thank you Adam for the unsolicited and awesome publicity!

For the rest of you out there, this emerald green beauty of a shirt is sure to be the hit of any upcoming St. Patrick’s day gathering you plan to pass out at. Help us get rid of these last few so we can stock some new designs ASAP (Sorry Dubs, I know we have yet to unveil the pregger pickle shirt and you are mucho preggo, but we will soon!).

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