POTM loves BU

I write this blog during commercial breaks of Scrubs. The second episode on tonight is absolutely fantastic. If I spent the next 48 straight hours watching Scrubs and reading online articles about Bradley Braves basketball, and if every commercial was a different version of that new VW “Unpimp my ride”, I’d consider it 48 hours well spent.

But back to Bradley basketball. Un-BU-lievable! Not sure if we ever mentioned it in the blog before, but Doug and I both are Bradley alums and are self-admittedly addicted to reading every bit of news we can about our team at the moment. I’m losing my voice just thinking about all the yelling I’ll be doing Thursday night when they play…who’s that team again? Nashville? Whatever – doesn’t matter. If this article in a Detroit paper doesn’t make you an instant fan then don’t even bother seeing Hoosiers, Rudy, Field of Dreams, or any other heartwarming tale of sports glory. My San Francisco cousin Kate even emailed and said she had a floor ticket to the Oakland regional game if I could find a flight out there. After some quick research, I realized that was too pricey a proposition. But then an email from friend Sean got me thinking: what if I don’t fly out there, but POTM does? I.e., cousin Kate sports some blatantly pro Bradley/pro POTM gear and we bank on a CBS camera man giving this smartly clad super-fan a second or two of national tv time. That would be the best (and coincidentally only) advertising $$$ we’d ever spent!

Doug found a vendor, The Tshirt Deli in Bucktown, that did sameday shirts. I swung by this evening after work, and got two seriously pimpin shirts made for the princely sum of $40 each (you pay by the letter – here I thought our URL was just a pain in the ass to type). I’ll next day ship them to Kate tomorrow morning and keep my eyes glued to the TV Thursday night for them. Hey, it’s well worth it just for the 20,000 fans to see, let alone a shot at the whole nation.

Here’s a couple pics of the beauties, along with one of the forthcoming SI covers. I love how they come wrapped in butcher paper like deli meat. Great gimmick, and really nice people that work there. I have a feeling they thought “GO BU” was some sort of cute motivational phrase (Go, be you!). If you could design and order their stuff online they’d be shipping shirts like hotcakes…

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