Irish Pickles

This is a big week for redheads and pickle lovers: St. Patrick’s Day of course! We got things started early as usual here in Chicago, with a raucous celebration at the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday morning. Good weather (aka above freezing and not raining) just about quadruples the fun factor of this event, and when your friend Mike offers up a huge parking lot, plentiful indoor bathrooms, and hand-wrapped corned beef sandwiches for all, it’s impossible not to have fun. Unless of course you’re the uninvited punk he body-tossed out the back door.

For the first time in 5 years, I didn’t have to drive myself home, so needless to say this was my favorite parade in recent memory. Heck, I even got sunburned, which is hard to imagine given my carribean bronze irish skintone. You best believe I prominently wore an emerald green “Stupid Idea” tshirt the entire time, even if it meant drinking my beer through chattering teeth. Always Be Closing, that’s our motto! Oh wait, maybe that’s Alec Baldwin’s motto. Anyway, between my shameless advertising and Doug’s sister-in-law Megan’s proud patronage, we’ll surely double the website hits after this week.

Some photos from the big event…

The man next to me is a former Div. 1 athelete (granted, it was swimming)

Obviously some sort of South Side gang symbol

Nothing says St. Patricks day like a huge furry green cowboy hat and three not-so-sober friends

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