Need a little wind here!

I love the movie Tommy Boy. It’s a shame Chris Farley had to go so early. I especially love the scene when he’s in the sailboat, and explains how his dad used to tell him, “quit playing with your dinghy!”

Anyway, back to the subject of this post. Just after that line, Tommy Boy realizes he’s not moving, and exclaims to the heavens, “need a little wind here!”

We’ll, we here at Pickle of the Month could use a little wind. In this case, “wind” means “your input”. We’re trying to decide which product we should offer next.

In the left corner, wearing blue trunks and weighing in at a svelt 200 pounds is Option A – a 3 month pickle subscription, costing $15, plus $12 shipping. In the right corner, wearing the red trunks and weighing in at a jiggly 250 pounds is Option B – A Pickle Preganancy Kit, consisting of a cute preggers shirt and some sort of pickle pack.

Which do you think we should offer first (not sure how this poll software will work, please excuse the glitches if they occur)?

What product should we introduce next?
3 month subscription – $15 + $12 shipping
Pregnancy special – preggers t-shirt and pickle pack
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