Fun, Speed, and Precious Stones

Marty and I were chatting the other day, and coding on our current platform ranks somewhere on the fun scale between “plucking eyebrows” and “doing laundry”. Since we hack away on POTM in our off hours, the less joy coding gives us, the less we will do it. This doesn’t bode well for our success, and makes us feel like jerks for not working on things.

What to do then? We need to make coding fun, so we love working on POTM, and therefore get a bunch more done. As Seth Godin says, companies need to “be remarkable” to be successful. At our current pace, we’re more “warm poo” than “remarkable”.

Enter Ruby on Rails, a newfangled development language/construct that not only makes developing web apps fun, it makes it extremely fast. I’ll spare you the gory details, but check out this wicked (and yes, I said wicked) shopping cart to see a bit of it’s power.

It’ll take us a few weeks/months to get everything switched over to Ruby on Rails, but I look forward to getting more done faster, and having a better time doing it.

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