Update on the Frozen Pickle

From the last post, we wanted to determine the effects of freezing in case someone’s pickle happened to sit in a mailbox for a long time on a cold day/night. The taste test was performed Sunday night, comparing a previously frozen Garlic Gus pickle with an unfrozen but refrigerated Garlic Gus. The judges (myself and wife) determined taste to be unaffected, but texture to be different. The frozen pickle was not as crunchy. Overall, we deemed this an encouraging result (except for people dead-set on crunchy pickles).

Also heard back from Van Holtens with an official response (thanks Deb!). Her comments regarding freezing echo our test results, though the term “destroy” seems a little harsh:

(per Deb, re: 1-freezing and 2-accidental package puncture)
1. You will destroy the texture of pickles when freezing them due tothe high moisture content. 2. If you puncture the pouch it should be refrigerated. I would suggest for only one or two days, as bacteria can then enter the pouch.

As we said before, if you discover your pickle is punctured when first opened, let us know and we’ll get you a new one. Bacteria should not be messed with.

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