Cold pickles = Good, Frozen pickles = ?

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, bam! Your pickle freezes.

POTM is based out of Chicago, which has been gripped by a seriously cold stretch the last week or so. Sunday night I offered to put the latest box of pickle tubes ready to ship into my wife’s car so she could drop them off at the post office the next day. She said “Don’t do it tonight, they’ll freeze,” to which I said, “Oh, good thinking” and proceeded to fall asleep. Just before sleep hit me I thought… Wait a second, if it freezes in a car, it’ll freeze in a mailbox…

(I saw a guy wearing these Napoleon Dynamite boots downtown on his way to work. It’s so cold here, fashion has been utterly abandoned.)

An experiment was performed the next night, whereby a pickle was left on the front porch and subjected to single-degree temps. Sure enough, it was frozen by morning. I’ve since thawed it in the fridge and will be conducting a blind taste test with a never-frozen pickle this weekend to determine if any change to the pickle-eating instructions is in order, should people find their pickle has frozen. I’ve also emailed Van Holtens for their input on the effects of freezing pickles.

Also, we had a report of a leaky pickle this week (our sincerest pickle apologies, Alissa!). If this happens to you, definitely let us know. We want extraordinarily happy customers and in the unfortunate (and hopefully rare) event of a leak, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation.

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3 Responses to Cold pickles = Good, Frozen pickles = ?

  1. Rash says:

    I appreciate the sentiment, but what exactly are you going to do? If I receive a leaky pickle, are you going to send Marty over with some duct tape? Shoot, if that’s the case, send me lots of leaky pickles.

  2. Mike says:

    We’ll likely ship you a new one if that’s acceptable to you. Right now we think this is a pretty rare occurrence. But I’ll see if we can get Marty to make some house calls if necessary.

  3. kancer says:

    please…what is the name of the napoleon brand??thanks…

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