Blast Off!

Customers know things. All of the business *experts* out there say you should listen to your customers to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Well, our customers told us what they wanted, and we listened!

Mike, Marty, and I happily introduce The Pickle Blast!. Mike describes it best in his description:

3 pickles, 1 tube, one shipment, no waiting. For those live fast/die young types to whom delayed gratification is blasphemy, we’re now offering the Pickle Blast! This option takes 3 months of flavored pickles, crams them into one giant 2-foot green tube, and expedites the Van Holten deliciousness direct to the recipient’s door. If you’re on a budget, this is definitely the most economical pickle option – one tube versus four means less spent on shipping. Sound crazy? Maybe it is. But we think crazy goes really well with ridiculous.

Many thanks to Scott “Bacon” Prugh for this idea. Pickle purchases still get the great Pickle of the Month experience, but only spend $8 on shipping, instead of $16. As Mike, my favorite blackjack player in Lake Tahoe, likes to say, “winner winner chicken dinner!”

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1 Response to Blast Off!

  1. Anonymous says:

    POTM,Thank you for being googled. My very spectacular friend, Igor, eats everone’s pickles, and will not allow us to leave an establishment offering any sort of pickle, until he has disected their remains and offered them to everyone, literaly everyone – in the whole entire place. He has really had to eat some very sad looking pickles all on his own. I was going to create a pickle ” gift basket” for him! But, lo & behold, praise Jesus, I googled, and found you guys. You are not unlike christ, himself. I do not have to shop for pickles and you have a “gay” fabulous t-shirt to go right along with them.Thank you!

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