Guilty pleasures

Alright, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with POTM, but it’s fantastic content. This is a Laguna Beach gossip update, courtesy of our POTM friend Amber. All names have been replaced in the source email with (name removed), just in case they would be pissed. Also, we paraphrased a portion that might get us sued in the event anyone likely to do that actually read this. The gossip was apparently obtained through direct conversation with Kristin, Jessica, Alex H., Alex M., and Taylor (all members of the Laguna “cast”) while they were in Chicago for publicity work.

> >Jessica is not very smart (duh!) nor very pretty in person. She is
> >in community college and not doing a whole lot. (name removed) asked her if
> >her parents were mortified by her behavior – she said they weren’t
> >exactly pleased. She just used Jeff (boy that was at end of season)
> >- didn’t really like him, just wanted someone to make out with.
> >
> >Stephen and Jason are good friends and live together in LA, but Jason

> >is always at L.C’s. Turns out he and LC never broke up and are still

> >dating. Also, turns out Jason has some MAJOR issues – the reason he
> >didn’t go to graduation…….he didn’t graduate. He failed his
> >senior year. Ditto for Talan.
> >
> >More on Jason – he has been [battling personal/medical issues for the past year]. His
> >grandparents are the wealthy ones and his parents don’t really work –

> >just live off of the grandparents.
> >
> >More on Talan – his mom used to be some actress so is pretty
> >well-connected in Hollywood. The engagement to Kimberly Stewart is
> >just a publicity stunt – they aren’t really engaged. His mom is
> >trying to coach him on getting himself into the limelight.
> >
> >Stephen and Kristin are dating – they just got back from a vacation
> >together in Hawaii – she’s not really dating that Jenner guy –
> >another publicity stunt. Kristin is trying to “make it” in
> >
> >Taylor is at school at the University of Arizona.
> >
> >Alex H. and Alex M. are roommates. Alex M. is trying to make it in
> >the music world and Alex H. dates a guy in Alex M.’s backup band.
> >Another tidbit – Jason [had a tumultuous relationship with] Alex M. when they
> > Per Alex M., the reason you didn’t see that in the show is b/c MTV
> >was trying to sell a fantasy. That is also why you don’t see Alex M.
> >and Jason actually break up.
> >
> >LC is supposedly the meanest person of the bunch – they say she is
> >the least approachable.
> >
> >Another thing, is apparently MTV and BMW have some sort of deal,
> >which is why you always see them driving around in BMWs – ie,
> >Kristin’s dad didn’t really buy her the BMW – she got it from MTV.
> >
> >That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoy the gossip as much as I did when I
> >heard it! Yes, I will be watching Season 3 and The Hills……

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