Ah, the holidays

This was a busy week on many fronts, unfortunately none POTM-related until now. I was waylaid with a nasty cold Tuesday-Thursday, just in time for: my wife and I to host Thanksgiving at our house, a software go-live with a major client at my real job, and oh yeah, an attempt to remodel the bathroom and laundry room. Bad timing all around on my part to say the least, which culminated in a trip to the emergency room to have my grandpa’s leg stitched up on Thanksgiving day.

But we all survived, and in POTM news we’re set to roll out the Pickle Blast! this week. What is this Pickle Blast! you ask? It’ll be all four flavored pickles sent via one shipment in a giant tube. Cheaper, instant gratification versus the 4 month subscription we’re currently offering. And just in time for Christmas! In our opinion, it’s pure genius, and we have our friend Scott to thank for the idea (and the catchy name). Check the site in a day or so for it.

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