One Month Progress Report

I bet you’re wondering how Pickle of the Month is doing. Since we don’t have the Pickle Meter on the site yet, this question must be gnawing at your very being. Ok, that’s probably a bit dramatic, but you may be thinking, “I bet those jagoffs haven’t sold squat yet, I told them they were smoking something funny.”

Well, after one month, we’ve taken 33 orders from 24 people (we have a couple of heavy hitters, thank you Nance and Pam). Our break even point per month is roughly 12 orders, so at least our wives/fiancees can’t yell at us for losing money.

In other news, people from Sweden really dug our site yesterday ….


In fact, all of Europe seems to find our idea funny, here are some stats through November 15th …


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1 Response to One Month Progress Report

  1. Sinnott says:

    The Yugoslavians probably thought “Pickle of the Month” was a porn site. And, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of visitors are hoping that. Perverts. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.

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