Perfectly Busy

Is there such a thing? A state of ultimate balance between free time, work, and play? Free time keeps you sane, work earns you money and makes you feel valuable, and play is the fun part. If you asked me 5 times in a day how much of each item I needed to live happily, I’d probably give 5 different answers. It’s that variable. On one hand, I literally freak out when I have 15 minutes left on the train, my laptop battery dies, and I have nothing to read. Yet at the same time, I’ll rave to anyone that’ll listen about this new Monday night yoga class where, twice now, I’ve almost fallen asleep while doing nothing but focusing on my belly move while I breathe. Maybe this is what being bipolar is like…

The point of this blog is that POTM has made me, Doug and Marty a lot busier. But it’s awesome. Why? I think the answer is variety. It breaks us out of our comfort zones where we know exactly what we’re doing. Almost every day the three of us swap at least one idea about a new product offering, a new feature, a website we can learn from, a better way to do something we’re doing now…. Sunday night I worked with my brother-in-law the graphic designer/popper (he’s the one in all red) coming up with new designs for the website… While I work out at home, I put stamps on postcards and “Pickle of the Month” stickers on shipping tubes, imagining ways to streamline our packaging process…. But like I said, the variety makes it fun.

My advice? Everyone should start a company in addition to whatever it is they already do (unless you’re like my boss Kent, whose real job was starting a company – one company is probably enough for most people).

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