What will people really think?

No matter how much you think you can anticipate people’s reactions to something, it’s amazing how wrong you can be. That’s why we love hearing about people’s initial feelings upon receiving a giant pickle in the mail. Case in point, co-worker Mike M. signed his unsuspecting dad up for Pickle of the Month. The first pickle arrived yesterday. Here are the highlights from that event:

– Friday @ 3:00 PM. Mike M. orders POTM for his dad, opting not to send an email during ordering to let his dad know what’s coming, because dad doesn’t have email (note to selves: need an alternate notification method)

– Wednesday @ 11:45 AM. Dad’s pickle is delivered. Hmm – there has to be a better way to say that…

– Evidently, Mom considers throwing the pickle out, thinking it is some form of postal spam.

– Dad follows the included instructions indicating refrigeration makes for better tasting, but somehow managed to puncture the pickle package while opening the tube (note to selves: some kind of warning on the tube to use caution when opeing?)

– Wednesday @ 1:15 PM. Mike uses the tracking number and sees that the package has arrived.

– Mike calls his parents house to see if they ask him about the new package. Initially, no mention is made. Several pointed questions later, Dad realizes who he has to thank for the unique and wonderful gift.

– Wednesday @ 4:15 PM. Mike IM’s me and makes a profound endorsement for the power of POTM…

– Thursday 10:43 AM. Mike informs me that his sister called and is seriously pissed off that he moved ahead of her on the speed dial

And lastly, check out the loafers on this fella. What the heck is Thomas Magnum doing striking a pose in somebody’s kitchen, you ask? Well, turns out fellow Bradley alum and friend John McDole “partied his face off” with Magnum this weekend, and was kind enough to send a paparazzi photo of the event…

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