I’m really not gay

So, if you’ve been on the site since we went live, you’ve seen that the big change is the ability to order. Just before going live, Doug and I decided the stock pictures of the tshirts were pretty awful and that we needed something cooler. I had also decided that any pictures we put out should be taken using natural light because the indoor ones didn’t turn out as well.

Stay with me here. I’m building to an explanation of the blog title.

Well it’s Wednesday afternoon, and I work from home on Wednesdays, and it was bright and sunny out that day, so I decide that at lunch, I will make the world’s fastest trip to Best Buy, purchase a tripod, and on my way home, stop at several TBD locations and take pictures of myself wearing each POTM tshirt. Brilliant, right? Seemed easy enough. Here’s my lunchtime trip in a SportsGuy-style blog format:

Sprint out of house with 2 tshirts and wallet.

Sprint back into house, grab keys, sprint back out of house, jump into car.

Sprint into Best Buy, talk with much less hurried than me sales guy about 2 different tripods, decide on the cheapest one, rush over to the register to buy it, realize wallet is in car, tell cashier “hang on one sec”, sprint out to car and retrieve wallet, sprint back in, buy tripod (and Season 2 of Arrested Development – it was right by the check out line)

Almost get in accident while doing my best bobble-head impersonation staring along the roadside looking for something cool to take pictures by. Finally see a beat-to-hell Scout II, pull a u-turn, and stop to take several pictures. Try to ignore the patrons at a hot dog joint across the parking lot while hoping they don’t come outside and kick my sissy ass just for the hell of it.

Continue driving aimlessly and somewhat towards home, stumble across farmer selling pumpkins, ask if he minds if I “take a few pictures for a project”, he shrugs and says “Sure”. Take several pictures, some of which I deleted immediately because I was so embarrassed (imagine me holding a pumpkin triumphantly overhead, and you being to understand how lame I looked). Finish photos, buy a pumpkin and two tomatoes, partially to ensure the farmer doesn’t change his mind and decide to kick my sissy ass just for the hell of it.

Remember there’s a white split-rail fence along a road home and decide it’s a prime photo location, drive in that direction, reach horse farm, pull over, set camera up in a ditch, and evaluate photo options. Decide that any potential pose will scream “look at me, i’m gay!” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), then proceed to quickly take two sets of photos, hoping no one pulls over and decides to kick my sissy ass just for the hell of it.

Mercifully arrive home, place pumpkin on front step, go inside, open a bag of chips, and get back to work work.

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