And We’re Off!

After launching four short days ago, our inital results are in!

  • – 110 average vistors a day, with a high of 157 today
  • – 5 orders for our monthly pickle service
  • – 2 t-shirt orders

Take a gander our traffic report from our web traffic tracking software:


Am I happy with this? Sure. Not ecstatic, but happy. Happy to finally be live for one, but happier that people like the idea mainly. I love to see that traffic’s trending upward. Heck, we even had visitors from England, Belgium, and the Netherlands today. I have no idea of how they found our site, but am glad they checked it out!


To be honest, I am a bit exhausted at the moment, but incredibly excited to ship out our first batch of pickles and hear how people like them. It’s been a long road to get this point, but so incredibly worth it. I still think starting this company is a completely riduculous thing to do, but hey, Steve Jobs dropped out of college and took caligraphy classes, so maybe there’s wisdom in doing seemingly silly things that tickle your curiosity.

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