Drumroll please…




Did I mention we went live last night? To much fanfare, and marked by some New Glarus beers and chicken pad thai, Marty and Doug took care of the technical details while I feverishly made last-minute edits to the content. And voila – POTM is a reality! This is huge. Not “huge” in the sense we expect 1000000 orders our first weekend. It’s just really cool accomplishing something 6+ months in the making.

On my way from Doug’s to the train station late last night, I was so happy about the go-live that I told my cab driver all about it. At first he thought it was a dating website (some people can’t shake the whole phallic image I guess). But we cleared that up, and eventually he got fired up because I was so fired up, and he told me all about this restaurant in Moore, Oklahoma called “Pickles” that has really good food but also a good deal of pickle memorabilia throughout, which I should check out, much like he would check out Pickle of the Month. He even asked for a business card, and not having any on me, I vowed never to leave the house without several (just in case). I have 5 in my pocket as I write this.

So check out the site! Who cares if you buy anything (though we’ll love you more if you do). The big addition is obviously the ability to order, but the whole site has been updated so play around. Mind you, this is only phase one and more exciting phases are on the way, so stay tuned.

Like Marty said, “A pickle in every mailbox…”

Editors Note: At the posting of this blog, we officially have our first two orders! A very special POTM thanks goes out to Alissa (our first friend order) and Elizabeth (our first “unsolicited” order). You two have carved yourself out a place in history today!

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