Epson is a Bit Fat Jerk

I hate my printer. We’ve been fighting for the last two days. Every time I think we’re close to making up, he refuses to play nicely. Why does he treat me this way? I feed him regularly with expensive meals of replacement cartridges ($12.00 per cartridge!). I make sure he’s clean and dust free. And what do you think I get for this caring and attentiveness? A big fat punch in the groin, that’s what.

the big pile of poop that is my printer

You see, Mr. Epson refuses to print black ink. Flat out refuses! What an insolent, lazy, mean-spirited jerk. Here I am, trying to print out some sweet postcards, and he won’t cooperate! Aaaaargh! One day, when Pickle of the Month makes some money, I’ll get a printer that actually works.

sweet-ass postcard

In other news, we are getting thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to launching. Stay tuned!

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