Van Gogh’s Got Nothin on Me

So yesterday I mentioned to Doug that I wanted to find some cheap image editing software to help manipulate our website and vendor photos. My design for the stickers to adorn our packaging tubes got rejected because the resolution was too low, and I couldn’t see how to up it using good ol’ MS Paint.

Brother-in-law Mark said Photoshop was the best, but it carries a hefty pricetag ($599). Then Doug suggested I downloaded the freeware today and played around with it on the train home. Lo and behold, it lets you set resolution on an image! Perfect. But it actually does a lot of other cool things (effects, layering, edit history), and all for free! I’m going to shoot an email to the brainiacs who continue to release new versions of this thing, because it’s great stuff.

Below are some samples I created while exploring the features. It’s my belief that these are ESPN Instant Classics of the art world, and I won’t be persuaded otherwise. Please contact mike@pickleofthemonth if you want prints.

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