Juuuuuuust short of useful

Just when you think the government has it figured out, they slap you down again.

So Marty has been working feverishly on automating our U.S. Postal Service shipping label printing all week, and finished this morning. “Wahoo!”, we all exclaimed!

Then he asked, “hey, how do we pay for the postage on these?”


More silence.

Frantic searching of the USPS website, followed by a gigantic, “DOH!!”

Turns out USPS provides a great API to print out shipping labels, complete with all of the info you want, EXCEPT YOU CAN’T PAY FOR IT. You have to go into a postal office and have them weigh it, look at the address, waste time, dilly dally, and be generally inefficient.

Son of a ….!!

So now we’re stuck with going through either www.Encidia.com or www.Stamps.com if we want to be able to print labels that actually have postage included. Each charges a monthly fee of $15 a month. Good times. Cursed post office.

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