Are You Serious?

Every time I think Pickle of the Month will fall flat on its face (which is pretty often, it is quite an asinine idea after all), I come across evidence that silly ideas like this actually work. Well, maybe the ideas aren’t exactly like Pickle of the Month, but they do seem too silly and too small to make money at. I ran across two in the last couple of weeks:

  1. Seriously. I READ IT IN BUSINESSWEEK for goodness sakes! From the founders of and, comes a service for guys to automatically send flowers to their significant others. They automatically ship flowers to your girl every 4 to 6 weeks, and charge you $5 every time they do it. If you want to opt out, you just click a button on the notice email they send out. Stupid? Pushy? Ridiculous? You could say that. Successful? Most likely.
  2. They run a reminder service. That’s it. You put in important dates and they send you emails so you remember stuff. Costs $6 a year. Check out their management team, it’s quite impressive. These guys know what they’re doing.

So many thoughts running through my head about these companies. One, it demonstrates the power of simplicity. Do one simple thing for people, and keep it decently cheap, and you have something. Two, both have wonderfully clean and to-the-point websites. They don’t confuse you with blibber-blabber about anything else that what they want to sell you. Everything about their site pushes you towards joining, building excitement along the way. Marty, Mike and I need to pay attention to this as we build the POTM website.

In other news, we shipped out first orders to some friendly testers last week, with great results. We learned that we’re not ready for any decent volume yet (need to automate label printing), and got some wonderful feedback on some things to improve (thanks Erin!). Hearing that a girl would actually order POTM for her friends made us smile though. Girls aren’t nearly as ridiculous as guys, so if they start ordering POTM, we may have something. Look for us to launch the website to the outside world in the upcoming days/weeks. We’re getting close!

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