School is in session

Tuesday night served as our trial run for processing and packaging the test orders we took last week. We had two shirts and one pickle to mail. Of course, a task such as this requires a level head, teamwork, Miller Lite and philly cheese-steaks. Really filthy philly cheese-steaks.

To promote team spirit and color coordination, we all donned POTM tshirts while working. Our third wheel, Marty, jumped right in and made himself useful. Doug walked him through the code details, and he served as an excellent note-taker/bug enterer as I walked through the provisioning process (even with me yelling “You codin’ in there yet, Mavis???” at regular intervals).

We realized immediately that to take any more orders before our ASPDotNetStorefront/Paypal integration was complete would be ridiculously painful. Why? One of the best reasons is because CVV numbers aren’t stored past the time of ordering (as mandated by law), so later manual processing is a no go. A couple phone calls to the lucky beta testers and we were able to process their payments, but this is hardly sustainable.

As Marty and I strolled out of Doug’s condo that night, the feeling was reminiscent of those group projects from the ol’ college days. Seems school is back in session…

Doug and Marty get down to business. Mmm, phillies…

Me, printing up some sassy welcome letters.

Munching some product. Taste the happy, fellas.

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