Bring in the Marty

We’ve got a new member of the POTM team. His name is Curt, but you can call him Marty. A fellow software junkie, this guy runs circles around Doug and I with his mad developer skillz, but that’s just the most obvious talent he brings to our duo. I feel like this blog is becoming some sort of weird best man speech (and sorry ladies, he’s already spoken for), so in that vein let’s touch on some of the defining elements that constitute Marty’s personality…

For starters, Marty is the proud owner of The Gazelle, and an even prouder admirer of Tony Little (and Tony Little’s ponytail):

Marty’s epic attempt at a motivational t-shirt:

Because Marty hates ovens, one of his finest tv purchases ever: the Presto Pizzazz Pizza cooker

Marty takes self defense seriously. Apprently so does Grandpa:

Marty is a student of the guitar, much like Eddie Van Halen. Only not as good.

And finally, Marty’s first love (sorry Cassie): kittens

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