It’s Alive!!!!

That’s right – today is an historic day in the annals of pickledom. Why? Because we had our first paying customers order via the test site! And it didn’t blow up! At least, it probably won’t! I will now profile each of the brave souls who went where no human has gone before…
First Pickle Subscriber Ever: Ross

Ross, affectionately referred to as Rose by his closer friends, threw caution and his credit card number to the wind and placed the first order earlier today. He’s short in stature but big on funniness, and whomever his intended recipient is, they will find that out soon enough.

Happy pickles, Rose!

First (paying) Tshirt Buyer Ever: Sunita

Sunita knows a good tshirt when she sees one. At the printing of this blog, she’s still deciding on which good tshirt to actually buy, but I’m too joyous to delay blogging about the eventual purchase any longer. Once she finally makes up her mind, she can rightfully begin wearing the “I ordered the first POTM shirt ever – I am the best” button she’s had ready since the original go-live date.

Happy shirt-wearing, Sunita!

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