Marriage, Football, and The Nance

Saturday was a significant day on several fronts. For one, it was the day after our most prolific POTM site traffic to date. This is no doubt thanks to my 5-year anniversary tribute/roast at work, of which POTM was a focal point (thanks CJ). Saturday was also significant because our friend Troy tied the knot with his lovely bride Alyssa. I will now proceed to recount a few good stories from an altogether memorable night…

Story #1: I finally met The Nance! For those who’ve followed POTM from the beginning, you’ll know this is none other than Doug’s future mother-in-law, and coiner of the phrase “Pickle of the Month? What a stupid idea!” Once I got past the awkwardness of learning whether I could call her “The Nance” without offending (she said of course) it was smooth sailing. BTW, she’s done a total 180 and could turn out to be one of our best customers.

Story #2: The wedding was at this fantastic country club in Lake Forest, IL. The place was very new, with plenty of amenities in addition to a great golf course. One of those amenities happened to be the Men’s Locker Room. Why am I telling you about a locker room? Well it’s not every day that the locker room has it’s own bar, complete with two 50+ inch flat-screens and satellite tv! It just so happened there were some big-time college football games on during the reception so the line for the night, as suggested to us dudes by an astute guest was, “ I’m sorry honey, but something I ate today just isn’t agreeing with me… I’ll be in the locker room if you need me.” Now before you accuse all the men of not appreciating the reception, let me go on record as saying we did not abuse this privilege. It just made trips to the bathroom way more fun. Needless to say, I didn’t think the night could get any better….

Story #3: …until this story. While meeting The Nance in Story #1, a former neighbor of The Nance’s strolled up and joined our conversation. Tall guy, grey hair, introduced himself as “Jim”. After about 5 minutes of small-talk I excused myself to locate my wife. Only later in the night does my esteemed co-founder Doug tell me that “Jim” is actually Jimbo Covert, former offensive lineman for the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears! I was floored. And having inhaled several gallons of gin and tonic at that point, of course I chased Jim down as he was saying his goodbyes and proceeded to tell him I’d named my fantasy football team in honor of his former teammates (The Black and Blues Brothers). To my schoolgirl-ish delight, he listened to my lame-ass reference to fantasy football and said “That’s great, man”, and as we shook hands, I surpassed Troy as the happiest guy at that wedding (for a brief moment, anyway).

On that sappy note, the site’s ALMOST ready. Some “friendlies” will be test-driving this puppy within a matter of days!

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