We’re a real tech company!

How do you know you’re a real tech company? When you miss your first deadline, of course! Aug 31 was supposed to be go-live. Well we’re hard at work but it’s apparent things will take slightly longer than planned. The new plan is to have a beta site out within a few more days and gather some user feedback before a production-ready version debuts in two weeks. Just tonight I uploaded 1/3 our product catalog. Two whole shirts!

So enough of the business side of the blog. My funny story for today is a sign I saw while waiting for my gyros platter. It was a very 70’s looking picture on the flourescent backlit menu with a caption that read “Burritos… A delicious experience!”. Now that’s some serious outside-the-box thinking, burritos as an experience. As I evaluate everything in terms of tshirt potential, this one has the makings of an ESPN instant classic.

Pickles…A delicious experience!

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