Did I mention I love tshirts already?

We’re just inside two weeks lead time for our August 31 go-live, and that means the tshirt orders have to go in. Three late evenings of tireless frivolity on customink has yeiled the following two inaugural designs. Spent an unhealthy amount of time on bustedtees and shopkitson trying to get layout and color ideas. If you’re looking from some funny reading, check out Jakob’s blog (he’s one of the 4 geniuses behind bustedtees).

We’re only planning to order 20 of each shirt, and when those are gone, it’s two new designs. We’re talking some seriously limited shit here so buy em quick. Many thanks to those I bounced lesser ideas off to finally arrive at these two. You know who you are. And keep in mind, these will be printed on American Apparel gear – seriously hip fitting shirts for guys and girls. So even if the design isn’t what you would have thrown on a shirt, know that you’ll look f’ing cool regardless.

And now, the shirts…

(doug’s entry)

(my entry)

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