She was a seal dealer

Due to dysfunctional discs from the IRS resulting in a lack of official documents to sign, we were unable to hold our First (Ever) Pickle of the Month Shareholders Meeting as planned last Monday. The date was moved to Thursday instead, and the location changed to Schoolyard Tavern, conveniently located blocks from Doug and Mandy’s condo.

Doug came prepared with all the proper forms, in fact an entire folder full of various meeting minutes, bylaws, and my personal favorite, stock certificates. I came prepared with 4 foil-wrapped pickles for celebratory consumption. We never got around to eating pickles, but some highlights from the meeting included:

  • Unveiling of the official Pickle Of The Month corporate seal: Those of you looking to help us via creative marketing techniques, this would make an EXCELLENT facial tattoo
  • Inclusion of several bylaws related to the mandatory day off for all company employees on the first beautiful day of summer: Think golf, beer gardens, beach, Cubs
  • Signing the stock certificates: they look immensely valuable, but it’s up to us to make them worth any more than the paper they’re written on
  • The PBR drafts imbibed during said shareholder meeting: I like to think every beer-drinkers first taste of a PBR inspires the same thought. “It’s been way too long since I had one of these…”

Below are several official press photos from the magnanimous event.

Exhibit 1: The soon-to-be-ubiquitous POTM seal

Exhibit 2: John Hancocks galore

Exhibit 3: Post-meeting minute entry

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