Picture Power!

Pow! Some pictures smack you right in the mouth and make you say, “I gotta get me some of that!”

Well, prepare to be smacked! Our good friend Jeanne at Van Holten Pickles very kindly shipped us some pickle pictures this morning (she also told us our site was a “hoot” – we really like Jeanne). Feast your eyes upon the product pictures that will grace our site:

Hot Mama – you don’t want to mess with any pickle that bills itself as “sassy”

Garlic Gus – just right amount of zing for that perfect afternoon snack

Big Papa – this pickle definitely fits the bill as “portly”

Little Pepe – while small in stature, this spicy little number packs quite a punch!

We’ll pair these pictures with some real-life shots of us and the pickles. If we get goofy, we may even put some of our favorite customers in the photos. Check out bustedtees to see what kind of pictures we’re talking about. If any of you call yourself Napoleon Dynamite fans, check out the “Pedro Lacks Political Experience” t-shirt, good stuff.

Speaking of pictures, be sure to check back in a few days when we post the pictures from our first shareholders meeting. You’ll get to meet our esteemed accountant, Gerald.

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