The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down!

August 31

That’s right. A go-live date has been set. Will we be ready by then? We like to think so. That means pickles will be flying out of the Wadsworth post office by September. The drama of it all! Doug and I arrived at this date after listing out what remains to be done on a napkin at Coogan’s (excellent corned beef sandwiches). This napkin will be saved for posterity, and may one day find itself on eBay being auctioned for a pretty penny.

In honor of said drama, I’ve included a picture of Johnny Drama from the HBO series Entourage. Note that this is one of the only acceptable substitutes for tv viewing while Arrested Development gears up for season 3.

On an unrelated sidenote, if you’re looking for some interesting blog reading, check out co-worker Allyson’s crazy-ass journal of her assault on the Appalacian Trail this summer.

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