Thoughts on Being Remarkable

From a fantastic article by Joel on Software today . . .

“You can’t afford to be number two, or to have a “good enough” product. It has to be remarkably good, by which I mean, so good that people remark about it.”

Mike and I run up against this litmus test in almost every decision we make. Every time we decide something about Pickle of the Month, we ask, “Will it make the experience remarkable?”

For example, we brainstormed a bit last night on our welcome kit that we’ll send out when people sign up. We thought about including the following:

  1. A welcome letter from the both of us
  2. A pickle sticker
  3. A post card to send to a friend. We’ll even write most of it for you, mad-lib style
  4. Our business cards, in case you have any problems with the service, or just want to chat

We also decided to include a special surprise in the last pickle of the subscription, but you’ll have to wait and see what that is. 🙂 While our product won’t set any marks for being ultra-high quality (what is an ultra-high quality pickle anyway?), we’ll make darn sure everything about the experience is polished, irreverant, and makes you smile, so you get a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling and tell your friends about us.

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