Another sign POTM is meant to be…

I met Marybeth in Evanston after work last Friday to catch dinner and a movie, and lo and behold, the former Corner Bakery space has now been converted into an American Apparrel retailer! This being our prospective tshirt manufacturer based solely on what we’d read, it gave me the opportunity to stop in, check out the merchandise, and buy a few items on the basis of research, all of which I was having a hard time doing with their downtown location. I was so excited to stumble on the store I called Doug from the dressing room stall with the good news.

And the verdict is in: the shirts rock. Great fit, soft fabric, and a myriad of colors for us to drop designs on. Stop by a store if you haven’t already. Another marketing goodie we dreamed up: offerring designs in limited quantities, say, 20 in a batch, so that you can rest easy knowing you’ll be one of a select few to have THAT shirt… IF you hurry up and buy it (unless you find yourself a cheap knockoff, in which case Noah the Lawyer will pursue the matter to the full extent of his abilities).

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