Writing and Money

I saw two great examples of how we want the writing on Pickle of the Month to zing this morning. Check out http://www.spazzstick.com/ – I love the attitude and writing on this site, especially the FAQs. It’s exactly the personality I want Pickle of the Month to have. Who knew trolls actually existed?

The folks at Future Now highlight some fantastic writing on Flickr’s site in this blog post – http://persuasion.typepad.com/architect/2005/06/sport_a_persona.html. The writing speaks directly to you and makes you chuckle, much more interesting than some corporate gobbly-gook writing style.

Two huge announcements came out this week about ecommerce payment systems.

  1. PayPal announced their Website Payments Pro program – effectively putting all other merchant account providers on notice. One can have a merchant account through PayPal for the extremely low price of $20 a month, plus 2.2% – 2.9% + $.30 a transaction.
  2. Google then stunned the folks at PayPal by announcing their plans for a online payment system – http://news.com.com/Google+CEO+confirms+online+payment+system/2100-1024_3-5756571.html. This should get interesting.
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