Runaway Pickles

One of my most vivid memories from age four has to be seeing my mom and aunt scooping pickles out a lake with fishing nets. Seriously. And you wonder how I got to be strange enough to start a Pickle of the Month club.

We lived at a cottage in the summers with my grandparents and cousins. My grandma, aunt, and mom would make pickles as one of their favorite summer activities. They would load the four of us youngsters into the car and take us to the cucumber patch where we would scramble to pick out the best looking pickles-to-be. After assembling an impressive pickle pile, we would retire to the cottage where the ladies would perform some sort of voodoo magic on the cucumbers to turn them into pickles (everything seems like voodoo magic to a four year old).

Apparently one step in this process involved soaking the pickles in a bucket in the lake. Don’t ask me why. Well, on this certain day, the wind decided to be extra strong and frothed up the lake with impressive waves. These waves liked the pickles so much that they snatched them out of the bucket and strung them across the lake in one long, winding pickle trail.

One of us wee ones noticed this and yelled, “the pickles are getting away!”

Ok, I made that last part up, but someone noticed and alerted the pickle police.

Much like a firehouse in action when the fire bell rings, our yard turned into a boiling cauldron of frenzied women. My mom jumped in the boat and fired up the motor. My grandma grabbed a basket and jumped in. My aunt armed the trio with fishing nets to scoop up the wayward pickles. Off they went to save the day, catching their game in the nets and depositing the pickles into the basket.

What in the world does this have to do with Pickle of the Month? Not much, but it’s a good intro to the story of my ecommerce software selection. Just as the terrific trio of my mom, grandma, and aunt put pickles in a basket, we will be asking our visitors to put pickles in a basket. Not any old basket, but a shopping cart to be exact.

I am happy to report, we’ve decided on the guts behind Pickle of the Month. Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to introduce AspDotNetStorefront. We will be using the AspDotNetStorefront software to power our product catalog, shopping cart, ecommerce integration, and store administration. The best part is, we get all of the source code, so we can improve the customer experience where we see fit.

I looked at Yahoo Merchant Services, StoreSense, .NetCart, Microsoft’s ASP.NET Commerce Starter Kit, and a host of other ecommerce options as well. AspDotNetStorefront came out far ahead of the other solutions. Here’s why:

  1. it rivaled Yahoo Merchant Services for having the most functionality
  2. we get all of the source code, so we don’t have to sacrifice the customer experience
  3. they charge a one-time fee, instead of a monthly subscription
  4. the ecommerce integration ends up being much cheaper than the other options
  5. their support team responded very quickly to my requests
  6. they have a ton of customer sites profiled
  7. reviews, customer reviews, polls, inventory levels, polls, and other cool features come standard
  8. customers can ship to multiple addresses
  9. they support “kits” and “bundles” – very important for a monthly pickle service
  10. we can get up and running quickly

AspDotNetStorefront offers a ton of functionality for a fair price, and we’ll be able to change things our customers don’t like. I look forward to playing with the software and getting it up and running. Hopefully you will see it soon on the site!

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