Pickle Obstacles

As I walked to my fiancée’s (did you know the girl fiancée has two “e”s?) house tonight, I thought about why Mike and I haven’t gotten Pickle of the Month up and running yet. Our original optimistic thinking had us going live by June. I’m not sure about Mike, but I have run into three big obstacles:

  1. Pain. I have flirted with carpal tunnel syndrome over the last two years, and it’s back worse than ever. Right now my right index finger feels like a short gremlin is sticking needles into it, and my left pinky and elbow burn like I just slammed my funny bone with a hammer. Good times. I’ve been trying to keep typing to a minimum, hence the delay on shipping you wonderful people some delicious pickles.
  2. Engagement. That’s right, my girlfriend actually said yes when I asked her to marry me a couple weeks ago! Needless to say, my fiancée casts a dim look on pickle time vs. wedding planning time. Here’s a cool picture of the big day.
  3. Selling my condo. Now that I am engaged to be hitched, I actually need to finish my condo so I can sell it. Being the silly type of person who likes to bite off huge challenges, I decided to completely destroy and rebuild my place two years ago. Also being the type of person that sometimes meanders at completing things, I have a few things to finish. Stripping 10 coats of paint off woodwork and re-varnishing really burns the hours.

Ok, ok, enough excuses already! Mike and I vow to keep cranking away in our delirious quest to bring you monthly pickle service!

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