Season finale of Deadwood just ended (had to wait for the Tuesday rerun). Give me that and two seasons of Arrested Development and I could gladly go without sunlight for several years while I committed them to memory. Lots of swearing though. Definitely not for everybody. Like my mom, or a majority of moms for that matter…

But I digress. Sort of. Here’s the point.

Doug and I are prone to second-guessing ourselves and our inspirations behind Pickle of the Month. The other day I pondered, “What makes POTM any different from the thousands of e-businesses that failed when the tech bubble burst?” The answer I came up with: We’re ridiculous, not worthless.

Why is that distinction significant? Because we think certain people will pay for ridiculous, thus this service has value for them. For the animal lover, “ridiculous worth paying for” is anything from this eighth-grader’s website. Or if Nascar is your reason to exist, man, you NEED at least two of these beauties. Both are ridiculous in my eyes for various reasons, but obviously not so for others, and thus a consumer niche is borne. Granted, we may be worthless to the majority of people, but it’s not our expectation to have every household in America with a 16 oz. pickle in their mailbox each month. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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