The Pickle Meter!

I am a huge dork, so I spend my spare time reading a ton of business books. Lately, I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s blog and books, and Guy Kawasaki’s book The Art of the Start. They both preach that a business should:

1) create a remarkable product
2) engage customers (that’s you) by making them a part in the story

I still haven’t mentioned the Pickle Meter, have I? Be patient, you’re almost there.

Item number one – creating a remarkable product: Who doesn’t love the idea of Pickle of the Month? Ok, my girlfriend’s mom thinks it’s stupid, but everyone else laughs and tells us how funny it is. I will pretend this means our product is remarkable.

Since Mike and I can’t personally sell and deliver the pickles, our customers (that’s you again) must find our website remarkable too. This is where the Pickle Meter comes in. Be patient, I will eventually tell you what it is.

Item number two – making you (our customer) part of the story: While starting Pickle of the Month will be completely ridiculous and fun, involving you (our customers, haven’t I explained this already?) in our adventure will turn this from mere chuckling into unbridled guffawing.

Since we prefer unbridled guffawing to mere chuckling, we want to include you as much as possible. We’ve brainstormed a number of ideas – this blog, pickle ambassadors, pickler prizes, pickle of the month business cards, t-shirts, the list is endless. After much debate (if you call chatting over beers at a Cubs game a debate), we decided to implement the Pickle Meter as the first feature on our site to include you in our quest.

The Pickle Meter
Finally! Tell us of this Pickle Meter you speak of!

The Pickle Meter will measure Pickle of the Month’s success, smack dab on our homepage. The Pickle Meter will look like one of the following:




It will tell you the number of pickles we’ve shipped so far, our big, hairy audacious pickles-shipped goal, and a link to the story behind our crazy pickle goal. What better way to tell the world how great this idea is!

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