Illusions, Michael!

Well friends, progress was not made on the logo as hoped this weekend. Instead, progress was made on fancifying my garage, but that’s not going to help us sell any pickles, so I digress. As an aside, I kicked the hell out of that garage. And you know a story like this demands to be shared with several lucky coworkers. Honestly, that poor SOB garage didn’t know what hit it. I was a whirlwind of sanding, paint-rolling fury…
But back to the matter at hand, I did manage to sketch what I think is a logo with potential on the train home tonight. Mind you, it’s rough, and needs polishing. Sort of a secondary logo, one that doesn’t necessarily say our name. More for the shirts than anything else. Give it the once over, and send me feedback if you think either A) I should stick to magic tricks/illusions as my second job, or B) you want to buy the signed original for ungodly amounts of money (picture me repeatedly muttering “two hundred and fifty big ones!”). One last thing, sorry for the lack of spacing with this post. Seems my picture upload skillz need some work.
Without further ado, I bring you: Monkey Hefts Pickle…
The 21st Century Atlas
The 21st Century Atlas

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