The Green Cow

Just finished Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, and it reinforced my belief that we’ve got something worthwhile here. Sure, 97% of the people we tell about Pickle of the Month will regret they asked about it in the first place. But that 3% that get a big smile on their face, ask “Seriously??”, picture their buddy’s face with every pickle they receive, then ask “When can I place an order?” – THOSE are the only people we care about. Afterall, we’re not Google. We’re growafrog, only better.

The book has some noteworthy concepts, but the quote that will drive every decision I plan to make is this:

“It’s not about being weird. It’s about being irresistible to a group of easily reached sneezers with otaku.” (Seth Godin)

Translation: Focus on your niche customer group – the smaller and more influential the better – give them something they crave, then watch them tell their friends about.

Read the book for more great marketing related tidbits and interesting factoids about what works for businesses and what doesn’t.

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