Bud Vases and Passionate Users

I read an excellent story this morning on how by putting a silly feature like a bud vase in the new Beetle, Volkswagen created passionate customers and incredible buzz.


As the author puts it, “The bud vase is not art; it’s personality. It invites you to play, and people accept that invitation. Most importantly, it makes the owner of the car feel happier when driving it.”

This got me thinking, what type of “bud vase” features can we offer with Pickle of the Month? We want to give the user an incredible experience, not just a pickle. We want them to laugh and smile, and tell their friends about us, so they can laugh and smile too.

Coincidentally, people we’ve told about Pickle of the Month seem eager to join in the fun, and have suggested some great ideas already.

From Kerstin, a graphic designer who is helping us with our logo:

Have you thought about having an info sheet with each shipment, something like, “This month sink your teeth into this crunchy dill which, as history has shown, brings peace and harmony to fighting countries.” I can see this on a small sheet of paper, some fun facts about the pickle you are sending, just a little added value to your already great deal.

From Mike’s brother-in-law Bill:

. . . it’d be kind of cool to make it almost a contest type of thing where you reward patrons for the number of people they “pickle”. Kind of like a “Pickle Points” type of thing. You might also want to reward those that have been “pickled” for “re-pickling” another person and so on and so on . . .

From a brainstorm and Mike and I had the other day:

How about including a “I got Pickled” postcard in the first pickle shipment, pre-addressed to the pickle-giver? That way the pickle-ee could tell the pickle-er just how much he/she appreciates the pickle membership. Along with this – how about a spot on the website where the pickle-ee and pickle-er can message back and forth?

I am not sure if anyone actually reads this blog yet, but if you do, I’d love to hear any ideas you have. Feel free to post them in the comments, or email me.

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