Tshirts: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

As you may have already discerned, Doug is the taskmaster of this pickle outfit, and he felt that marketing might just be my thing. First order of business for this junior marketer: decide what our logo will be, and slap it on some cool fricking tshirts to start getting the word out. Easy right? Surprisingly not!

After several train-rides spent sketching (badly) some possible logo ideas, an initial cut by my brother-in-law (thank you Mark!), and some help from a friend of Doug’s, it seems we’re finally getting somewhere. My ideal logo is something that is simple enough to be recognizable on a single-color t-shirt, and likewise cool enough to adorn the website. As far as tshirts go, was able to throw together some ideas on customink in a matter of minutes. Online tshirt design: it’s faaaaantastic!

For some reason, I just keep flashing back to the Starbucks logo. Maybe it’s because it’s midnight and hallucinating about coffee imagery is a sign of chemical dependency, but I think it’s because of the ubiquity of their logo: that weird mermaid with the flowing green hair and a crown, combined with the block font they use for their company name. What’s a green mermaid have to do with coffee? Beats me. But people recognize it, and they like what it makes them think of. It’s our job to do the same for pickles. You’ll read about it when I think we’ve done just that (on a slightly smaller scale, of course).

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