Clearance Clarence and random notes

We have clearance Clarence! Last week a panic attack struck me when the thought popped in my head that Van Holten’s may not let us sell their pickles online. I tasked my trusty partner-in-crime Mike with getting clearance. He talked to a lovely lady name Jeanne at Van Holten’s, and we have clearance!

A few random notes:

  1. We procured the services of a (soon to be) attorney, our good friend Noah. Welcome aboard Noah.
  2. Apparently our attorney and accountant attended a wedding this weekend, where they spread the word about Pickle of the Month. Thanks guys! I am sure your stories of P.O.T.M enraptured the other wedding guests.
  3. The running rate for people breaking into laughter when I tell them about the company we’re starting is holding steady at about 80%. I think this is a good thing. Laughter is contagious.
  4. We should be getting some logo ideas from a graphic artist tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what she came up with.
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