Mike’s first post (not to be outdone by Doug)

This is my inaugural post, not only for PickleOfTheMonth, but for any blog-related activity whatsoever. A virgin blogger no more!

It’s true, Doug and I are embarking on what some might call a frivolous endeavor (and apparently others just call stupid-ass). But what’s the downside? We see this as an opportunity to learn volumes outside what we already know, with an outside chance of earning a buck or two in the process.

PLUS… we get to talk about pickles day in and day out. That’s like asking me to debate who’s rap sequence in the Super Bowl Shuffle scored highest on the unintentional comedy scale (which by the way is a tie: Steve Fuller, with this to say about backing up The Punky QB, “I’m not here to feather his ruffle” vs. The Sackman Richard Dent, with the lyrical gem “If the quarterback’s slow, He’s gonna get bent”), then telling me if I keep at it long enough, I might get even paid for it. It’s the definition of a win-win situation.

So, stay tuned for news of our ongoing pickle-saga. Posts will be regular, though perhaps not daily, and hopefully showcase the humorous side to starting something on your own. And rest easy, Doug’s girlfriend’s mom, we’ll keep our day jobs….

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