The Danger of Telling Your Story

When sharing a ridiculous idea like starting a Pickle of the Month company, one always risks the dangers of ridicule. Never did I realize this more than when my girlfriend’s brother and brother-in-law decided to tell her mom about my idea.

She must have thought I planned to quit my job and invest my life savings into this venture (neither of which I do) because the following transcript describes her reaction.

Her: “You’ve got to be joking, nobody could be that stupid.”

Girlfriend: “Seriously mom, go check out, he’s serious about it.”

Her: “That’s the stupididest idea I have ever heard!”

Her: “That’s a stupid idea.”

Her: “I can’t believe how stupid that is!”

Brother-in-law, egging her on: “But this is his dream, he wants to be the premiere pickle provider in the whole world.” (not exactly true, but he told me to roll with it, so I did) “You’re crushing the poor boy’s dream.”

Her: “I don’t care, that’s a stupid idea.”

Her: “Oh, what a stupid-ass idea!”

This brought big chuckles from the group, any time she throws an expletive out, we know we’ve got her on a roll.

This tirade continued for a couple minutes, until she realized that they weren’t joking. Overall, we counted 8 “stupids” and one “stupid-ass”.

After things calmed down, I think she felt a bit bad, because she offered to buy everyone a membership for Christmas. Good stuff. Hopefully we have things up and running soon and actually make a profit, I’d love to get her a specially made “Pickle of the Month – one great stupid idea!” t-shirt celebrating our break-even point. đŸ™‚

UPDATE 10-27-2005

This story turned into a t-shirt, you can purchase it here!

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